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Dagger Backrest


The Dagger Contour Lite Backrest, an adjustable kayak backband that is available with two different fitting options. There is one with ratchet straps and the alternative has the more simple webbing straps.


Dagger Kayaks have designed their Contour Lite Backrest to feature an ergonomic backpad that will offer comfort and support to whitewater paddlers whilst inside the kayak. There are then two options of fitting and adjustment.

The more simple of the two kayak backrests features the webbing straps. This will easily secure to the seat unit through the two alloy anchor points. It is then easy to adjust via the tri bar sliders that are loactaed on the back pad.

The slightly higher specification version features the ratchet straps. These are then designed to travel through the ratchet buckles that are found on Dagger Whitewater Kayaks such as the Mamba 8.1. The ratchet straps will then feed through the ratchet buckles, this ensures you can then easily increase of decreas the tension as required.

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