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Waka Goat



Waka kayaks are stoked to present our newest water toy. The GOAT is the Steeze’s little brother and this kayak is aimed at smaller paddlers that want a stern that they can squirt and be able to run serious whitewater. We have given the GOAT a wide weight range to allow for 80kg + paddlers that want a super playful stern but not so much aiming to run the Stikine.

The Goat uses the same basic hull design as the OG and Steeze,  just narrowed down a few cm. This allows for the same easy change of direction at speed, untouchable skips over holes and drops, wave surfing and flat spins, plus wicked carving! The norrower hull allows for extra speed in slack water and flat water and a more agile nimble feeling boat over all. The Goat’s stern has less rocker than the OG and Steeze…this feature really turns up the speed in a lot of situations but especially out of drops and through easy water. It also allows more controlable stern squirts and splats compared to the Steeze’s more scooped stern.

Testing has just started but from first impressions these boats are also going to be the go to boat for extreme racing. Please keep checking for updates as we learn more about the GOAT and Billy GOAT every day.

Length: 268 cm
Width: 65 cm
20 kg
Paddler weight: 45-90 kg
Volume: 254l

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Blue, Green, Red, Black

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