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Delivered to meet your specific needs


We regularly run custom courses. Sometimes they are our courses but on different terms, and sometimes they are a course designed specifically for you.

Our courses, but different.

If you are looking for something shorter, longer, different or something else entirely then please contact us. Some examples include:

  • You have organised a group and you want your own course.
  • The course is what you want but need different dates.
  • A specific focus, for example: West Coast paddling, slalom or freestyle.
  • Shorter or longer courses.
  • No instruction needed – your team just wants to go kayaking.

Please note that we need at least two participants to set up a custom course. Unless your course is full, custom dates are open courses available to anyone.

PRICE:               Quoted per course/aligned with our regular courses. 

We design a course for you.

Let us know what you need, and we can design a course that fits your group, staff, business or organisation. Some examples include:

  • Water access and safety for those working in a water environment.
  • River rescue courses for your organisation.
  • Workshops, industry training and upskilling.
  • Corporate and business: conference in the morning, paddle in the afternoon.
  • Destination kayaking: somewhere outside of Murchison.

PRICE:               Quoted per course.

For more information and availability please contact us.

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