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CT Roll-N-Lock Pulley


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Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations.

  • For use with 8-13 diameter ropes (EN 892 / EN 1891)
  • Spring operated cam for use as a rope ascender.
    • ( The pulley configuration makes this nice and smooth to pull through when Ascending )
  • Non aggressive cam is much more gentle on rope than other sharp toothed cam products out there.
  • Sliding lock for use as a pulley.
  • Allows the hauling of light loads.
  • Exceptional use with 10-16mm wide webbing, for positioning adjustment.
  • Developed to work also on wet or dirty ropes, great for canyoning, swift water rescue and other outdoor activities.
  • Use with an Oval carabiner.
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