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Werner Sherpa Straight Shaft Carbon



[ sher – puh ]
Without their help, many of the great first descents of Nepal, Tibet, India and China would have never been.

Watch most all creek boat videos today, or footage where the paddler is being swallowed by massive holes amidst canyon walls. Now what paddle do they have? Trusted on the hardest runs in the world and those firing up the hardest line on their local run are the Werner river running paddles. The Sherpa and its larger counterpart the Powerhouse offer Bomber reliability, tested and proven where it counts.

Shaft Option: Straight
Pieces: 1 Piece
Weight Grams: 950g. .
Feather Angle: Right 30
Blade Surface Area: 680 cm2
Blade Length x Width:  46cm x 19.5cm

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